Workshop Chairs

Antonella Lorusso
(INFN, Italy)
Giuseppe Penco
(Elettra, Italy)
Siegfried Schreiber
(DESY, Germany)

Scientific Programme Committee

Massimo Ferrario
(INFN, Italy)
Thorsten Kamps
(HZB, Germany)
Mikhail Krasilnikov
(DESY, Germany)
Antonella Lorusso
(INFN, Italy)
Keith Middleman
Boris Militsyn
Robert Nietubyc
(IPJ, Poland)
Marco Pedrozzi
(PSI, Switzerland)
Giuseppe Penco
(ELETTRA, Italy)
Alessio Perrone
(INFN, Italy)
Siegfried Schreiber
(DESY, Germany)
Mauro Trovo'
(ELETTRA, Italy)
Carlo Vicario
(PSI, Switzerland)
Sverker Werin
(MAXLAB, Sweden)


Deadline for registration is Monday, 7 February 2011


M.L. De Giorgi
(University of Salento, Italy)
A. Lorusso
(INFN, Italy)
Hannah Gerth
(DESY, Germany)
Monika Illenseer
(DESY, Germany)


Hannah Gerth (DESY, Germany)

About EuroFEL
EuroFEL is part of the ESFRI Roadmap 2008. The preparatory phase of EuroFEL (IRUVX-PP) prepares the establishment of the EuroFEL Consortium, which is a distributed Free Electron Laser facility that is going to link complementary national FEL facilities into a unique European Research Infrastructure. IRUVX-PP is funded by the European Commission under FP7.


Venue and Accommodation

How to reach Lecce

By car
From Rome, take A1 highway towards Naples, and then A16 or A14, direction Bari. From Milan, take A14 highway towards Bari. At exit Bari Nord follow towards Brindisi-Lecce.
By train
The railway station is very close to Lecce center. Find further information about timetables, costs, and tickets.
By plane
The organisers suggest to arrange your travel going through Rome to arrive in Brindisi, where a shuttle service or public transportation are available to bring you to Lecce.
The closest airport to Lecce is in Brindisi (45 km from Lecce) which is served by Alitalia, Ryanair, EasyJet and other low cost companies.
The airport of Bari (150 km from Lecce) also offers many other direct connections to Italian and European cities. Visit Puglia Airport for detailed information.
From Brindisi Airport to Lecce
The organisers suggest to use the air shuttle service provided by the travel agency CRUSI (Phone: +39 0832 305522 - email: This service picks you up from the airport and brings you directly to the hotels in Lecce. The cost of the service is 20 €/person. To help the service provider in recognising you and aggregating more attendees, mention that you are attending the workshop when booking the service.

Public transportation SITA from/to the airport of Brindisi is available by bus. See also the timetable. The ticket costs 6 € and you can buy it directly from the bus driver. The bus stops at Lecce City Terminal, at the entrance of Lecce, close to Tiziano Hotel. Note, that this service is scheduled in time combination with Alitalia flights. Thus, check the web page for updated information on timetable and fares.
Taxi service is available at the airport but it is really expensive (about 80 €). Finally, in the airport there is also a rent a car service.

From Bari Airport to Lecce
Bari airport is located about 150 km from Lecce. You can take a bus from the airport to the central train station and then a train to Lecce (timetables).

Workshop Venue

The workshop will be held at the Department of Physics located in Ecotekne CAMPUS (strada provinciale Lecce-Monteroni) around 5 km far from Lecce downtown (see map ).
There is sgm bus service (27 and 27 Express) from the city centre every 20-30 min. starting from 7:20 am. The bus terminal is close to the workshop location. The same buses will take you back at the end of the workshop.


27 express


Accommodation in Lecce

In order to get the special rates listed below please, indicate that you will be attending the workshop when you book your accommodation.

Hotel Zenit****
Location: Via Adriatica, Lecce
phone: +39-0832-493421/493433
Indicative prices: single 55 €, double 80€

Eos Hotel***
Location: Viale Alfieri 11, Lecce
phone: +39-0832-230030
Indicative prices: Single: 75 €, double 105 €

Grand Hotel Tiziano****
Location: Viale Porta d’Europa, Lecce
phone: +39-0832-272111
Indicative prices: single 70 € , double 105 €
Organiser's recommendation for good location (city centre and airport-city terminal)

Hotel Delle Palme****
Location: Via Leuca 90, Lecce
Phone: +39-0832 347171
Indicative prices: single 65 €, double 90 €

Santa Chiara****
Location: Via Degli Ammirati, Lecce
Phone: +39-0832-304998
Indicative prices: single 80 €, double 140 €

Hotel Cristal****
Location: Via Marinosci 16, Lecce
Phone: +39-0832-372314
Indicative prices: single 67 €, double 88 €

Hotel President****
Location: Via Salandra 6, Lecce
Phone: +39-0832-456111
Indicative prices: single 65 €, double 90 €

Hotel Patria*****
Location: Piazzetta Riccardi 13, Lecce
Phone: +39-0832-245111
Indicative prices: single 99 €, double 155 €

Hotel Risorgimento***** L
Location: Via Augusto Imperatore 19, Lecce
Phone: +39-0832-246311
Indicative prices: single 135 €, double 185 €

About Lecce...

Lecce is the city in Puglia which more than any other, has entirely preserved its historical and cultural identity. As the natural main town of the Salento area, nearly halfway between the Ionic coast and that of the Adriatic, it dominates a great deal of lowlands marked only occasionally by small hills, a frontier land of sorts set on the far most eastern point of the peninsula. The landscape is characterized by an immense expanse of red earth and bare, stony ground. One of the symbols of the city is the church, "Chiesa di Santa Croce" (1549), an object of recent restoration in the immediate vicinity of "Piazza S' Oronzo", in the centre and part of the beating heart of the city. Lecce has also been defined as the "small Florence of the south" for its Baroque atmosphere and its beautiful monuments. The Lecce Baroque is a type of sculpture and architecture which, beginning in the 16th century, spread all throughout the province. It exploited the malleability of the Lecce stone, a calcareous stone which, compact and homogeneously honey-coloured, is used for decorating roads, balconies, buildings, and churches. Even today, the shops still feature local artisans who, with plane and chisel, bring sculptures and other treasured objects to life.